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Song A Week For A Year - 2012


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released April 5, 2013



all rights reserved


SAWFAY Belfast, UK

SAWFAY (2012) was a National Lottery & NI Arts Council funded project, where I received the "ACES" (Artist's Career Enhancement Scheme) to help me develop as an artist. The project was also mentored by Moving On Music. I composed 52 original songs over one year, uploading each new song to this bandcamp page, at the end of each week in 2012. ... more

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Track Name: WEEK 1 - SONG 1 - Ammonium Perchlorate
And as I pull away
From the clamour
Like treacle in sand

I drip into another year
An ocean of apathy
Bitter pity, drowning

I grow tired
Of letting myself be abused
By the likes of you

And you

And you

And you

"I want to jump out of a spaceship, into the freezing, black void of space. That's how I want to go. I want to become one with nothingness."

Be gone
Let go
Be free
Lost soul
Be dead
Leave me
Be free
Be gone
Let go
Be free
Lost soul
Be dead
Leave me
Be free
Track Name: WEEK 5 - SONG 5 - Astrophobia
I’m not insane, I’m just using my brain too much

Words that fail me

Eaten by tiny bugs

In the dust

Bring me my pills

Daylight is teasing me

While I sleep

Set it years away

Let me dream it to life

I can’t scratch the itch

The future’s bitch

We’re living in a cycle too soon

We’re livid at the thought of the the moon

We’re living and we’re ready to fall

I don’t think this is living at all

When did you learn

To shut out all the thoughts

From the dark

Bring me my pills

The winter is peeling back

We can’t have that, no, no

I’m not insane, I’m just using my brain too much
Track Name: WEEK 8 - SONG 8 - Coffee & Ginger Nuts
Coffee & Ginger Nuts

Walk with me, grey muddled day
As cafe crowds fade through the frosted windows

From the duffle coat out shoots a hand
A raised eyebrow at the command
Saved by the puddle that sets us apart again

Bus driver ­glaring at all in disdain

Inbred years of paranoia
Envy the loudest Casanova
It's not safe here
For the likes of you and me

Worn and weathered men spill into the streets
Through their judging eyes the weight of history
Soon pulls the smile from my face

Pick me up where I left off
You're laughing at the very thought...
“There's a right way to be
There's a right way to be in this town”

Cross the busy road, find a quiet place

Shed these years of paranoia
Edge of seats, we sit and wait together
Coiled like cobras
So what if I kiss you right now?

So you think you can fix my life?
You want to forget about yours?
Always meddling in other people's lives
Why don't you just f-f-focus on your own?

The police, the shoppers and the gangsters
The kids, the hipsters and the pranksters
All stop and watch, united in their shock and disgust

I feel a lynching coming on
Round up the kids
We're gonna eat tonight

Run on home
Keep your head down
Lock your door
And have some coffee and ginger nuts
Track Name: WEEK 9 - SONG 9 - Meals For One
Sending "hello"s
My keyboard froze
Words like little digital leaves fluttering across the cyberspace sands into the internet ether,

Without reply
I sigh
Go make some tea
Soon I'll return

Kettle won't boil
Home heating oil
Must remember to take out the bins

Living alone really suits me
Oh please won't you stop by
Hoping the neighbours don't shoot me
I laugh and then I cry

Meals for one
No one cares
Dry my clothes on the stairs
Escape this world
It's all online
Nothing gets done, don't have time

You sent me a smile
Greets me like wings of humming birds brushing gently across my beaming face on a spring day

Living alone really suits me
Isolation is fine
Maybe I need to go outside
Track Name: WEEK 10 - SONG 10 - Stardust Velocity (ft. Declan Legge, Michael Barkley, Michael Sampson & Caroline Pugh)
Stardust Velocity

This side is behind the moon
Swallow the clouds and stardust
Into the fog, into the glacier

The jewel of conspiracy
The diamond cuts through the snow
The legend grows mountain high
Fifty years

In the waiting lounge again
Stargirl's are smiling
Dry martinis and rubbing elbows
With the suits

You can carry my luggage
With your sweet smile and perfect skin
Flash your lashes, a little love in
We're at ease

To the sun
We are fleas
In a tomb
Engine grease
To the sun
Shield your eyes
Crash and burn

Transmission from a solar flare
Contact denied

A special day
The ashes and the tyres
Free fall of broken limbs
The documents in the secret agent's folder
Ripped up and buried deep

It's not your day
The smashing of the windows
Free fall and frozen screams
Wendy I can fly

You wanna taste the sun
You own the sun
Track Name: WEEK 12 - SONG 12 - Stay Down Dog
Stay Down Dog

I got the whole damn pride
Licking my wounds tonight
And the meat of my drive
Goes out of date
Pack up my sanity
Put it on a plane, or boat
I will, I will escape me
But I won't, I won't

What gives you authority?
Sounds like you're just complaining to me
You look pretty when you're angry
Like a stripper dancing for money

I want to lick the boots of confrontation
Down at heel, stay down dog

I want to be angry
But it seems irrational to me
Now I've bitten my tongue
No more words will come

Pick one moment in time
And become the lion inside
Turning point, where I become alive
But I won't, I won't.
It's too easy to slide.
Touch the leather mask
Smash your face in.
Smash your pretty little face in

Lipstick smile
Bloody corpse, vandalised
Bludgeoned to death

That's what you get
For thinking like me
For thinking like me
Not enough like me

Another feeble drone
Another puny ant
Another consumer
With a chip on his shoulder

I'll be a good boy
This time I promise
Track Name: WEEK 13 - SONG 13 - Chainsaw Disco
Show yourself

It’s all that you have left

As they miss the date again.

Young hands on sharp machines

Your endless talk is cheap

Oil the wheels of the system

Don’t you shoot yourself in the foot again, let me show you what it’s like
Track Name: WEEK 16 - SONG 16 - Other People (featuring lyrics written by other people)
How much are they paying you to be their fucking tongue? <MARTIN BYRNE>
I'll pay you handsomely, if you tongue me some. <PAUL FOX JR>
Just hope it pays for your lobotomy. <CHRIS MCBRIDE>
You may as well be wired up in an iron lung! <ALAN JACKSON-BELL>

I'll have my say on the Daily Mail website, you better listen because I'm always right! Now you ask me to write some more?! I'll tongue your fucking ice cream when I show u the carte dor <PAUL FOX JR>

[And] As long as you can live with it,
[I] ain't gonna give a shit. <TANI NEUMANN>

Mindless drivel. Regurgitation. Like a puppet wrapped with no direction, aimlessly ordered around. Bounced up and down, by the hand of the man. That awful sound. From where does it come? How much do they pay you to be their fucking tongue?<KRIS MARSDEN>

Willy Loman never made a lot of money. Half Blake, red dragon. Saturn eats his children. God loves his children. Abraham kills his children. <JAMES BYRNE>

See them as your stars, but blinded by the sun, a barren azure sky can't sooth the burns they left, smothered for your own few words by their monoxide breath. Cradle your empire's ashes in the urn, the infant you can't let go, letting Nero start the vigil and sound the swansong, as he watches from on high. And a burning of London brings a tear to the eye, it's fuel to the fire when you add poison and lies, it's arson, Nick! Arsenic! Arson, Nick! Arsenic! Arson, Nick! Arsenic! <CONOR AGNEW>

How much are they paying you to be their "man from Mars",
A talking puppet can't tell his head from his own arse. <TANI NEUMANN>

‎If it's a toss-up between the world and cake, then you'll know which option I will take, especially if it's Battenberg <CHRIS MC BRIDE>

‎'It's Not Enough' <IAN PEARCE>

Woke up on a new dawn day
Reflecting back on the words that we say, do we really mean them do we really care, now the feeling I am feeling is empty and bare.

I walk around this empty room, should I feel down , consumed by the gloom or should I stand and wade through it all, time to turn face the world and no longer feel small.

So, goodbye sadness, stinging tears and all the bad time through the years. Time to live my life , no sorrow, no -one promised me tomorrow.<ALAN JACKSON-BELL>
Track Name: WEEK 17 - SONG 17 - The Magical People of Bufotenin
Verse 1
Something bad in his body, he went to that place again
Throwing up in the toilet bowl, lumps of meat and spaghetti

As he stares, colours and shapes begin to blur
In and out of reality, cold sweats and grinding teeth

Black dots appear before his eyes
Tiny voices grow in volume
"Who are all these little guys?"

"We are magical people and we have traveled far
An army on a quest to find the Magical Shiny Shard
Up through your plug hole and toilet bowl we have come
Can you help us find this ancient ruin, oh Great one?"

Verse 2
"Well of course I'd love to help you out" - he says,
"Tell me more about your unique and heroic quest
I'll keep your path clear of toenails and fluff, any obstacles I find
You are a curious people, most unlike my kind"

Bridge 2
"Folklore suggests the Magical Shard has many forms
Some are sharp and some are forked, some are deadly to behold"

Middle 8 / SLOW DOWN
"Wait! I think I might know what you're looking for
Is this it, in my kitchen drawer?"
"Why yes! Hooray!! The first stage of our quest is complete!!"

Bridge 3
"Now you must come with us, to the Freezing Valley of Ice
And lie in the cold sea, where we will release the crimson tide"


Outro / Chorus thing…
The celebrations of the shiny shard of magical wonder
Singing and cheering as they make their way to the land far yonder
They reach the Valley of Ice, they very nicely, advise him to get in
"It's very cold", "But you must enter!" He's told. He doesn't want to be bold, so he takes the plunge, now they're climbing over him!

They take the shard and they carry it above their heads
They make their way down his arms, release the crimson red,

They're cheering and smiling with their funny little voices
As the light starts fading from his eyes
Tunnel vision, as he slowly fades away
Track Name: WEEK 18 - SONG 18 - Triassic Dominant Terrestrial Vertebrates (featuring Dan Leith)
"So I'm a barfly. A known lone drinker. I thought the world was mine. Yeah, hook line and sinker, baby. But that's the shame of the game that we're playing. Been talking shit for years with no clue what I'm saying. And it's getting cold walking home all alone. If I could find the words then maybe I'd pick up the phone. But I spend my day watching tenebre on blu-ray. I smoke a jay and drink till this all goes away. But it's hard to keep a wolf at bay. When it's getting hungry and you've never trained it to sit or stay. So I drive for miles to spend the weekend away to escape the line if I'd taken the time to make you mine we'd be okay. We'd be okay. We'd be okay. We'd be okay if I'd taken the time to make you mine. We'd be okay. We'd be okay. But we're not. So I'm a nightmare. A stone cold killer. I strike with rhetoric. Pathetic, sick, I stumble home again. And I know enough, push comes to shove, I can pretend. Bite the bullet, strap my heart down and call you my friend. And I know you posted me how this story ends. With dinosaurs, growing old, walking hand in hand. And as charming as all of that may seem. This carnivore just can't handle his dreams. Wake up in the night, always drenched in sweat, hoping to forget, the bad times we had. But they're locked up inside my head, and we're both locked out, and we can't get in. And I don't know if we'll ever find the key. But if I'd taken the time to make you mine we'd be okay. We'd be okay... "
Track Name: WEEK 21 - SONG 21 - BURNT

Dizzy with heat
Can't get the shade
It's wonderful
But it cooks my brains

Escape to the shade
Left thinking to ourselves
There is meaning in everything
And what does it all mean?

Time apart, we pour our assumptions
Into the spaces between us
Do we take these chances

Or risk getting burned?
With your love, will I get burned?
Track Name: WEEK 28 - SONG 28 - MANNEQUINS (feat. Edwyn Butler, Andy Harrison & Hannah McPhillimy)

He often made mannequins Happy

In those charming Ways

Children smoke consider life a joke

The audience guessed the next rhyme he said

Beside the mind shaft

The Gun shooters

Are all so negative

He kicked up his heels

For the fire had died

Lived for the freedom

He may of just lied

Then there is a man whose touch was so gentle, it was a hard hand to hold careful to mould your temptations and fights that cross beyond time.

He went in to lions dens

Puts his hands on girls hair felt flames in his finger tips

He kicked up his heels and the fire had died lived for his freedom he may have just lied

Kicked up his heels
Track Name: WEEK 29 - SONG 29 - PARADISIACAL (feat. Conor Agnew & Amy O'Connell)
Crazy days are on me now
Can't shake this sense of doubt

This world is not mine
No, I feel so out of my own time
Which is the face I show,
To you,
You don't want to know...

Crazy days are on me now
Can't shake this sense of doubt
Crazy days are on me now
Can't shake this sense of doubt

Though I am alone I'm strong now
Nothing can destroy my right
Twist and turn through the storm
but never stop this endless fight
Track Name: WEEK 32 - SONG 32 - Lysandra Bellargus
Fate it snores another glass house
Radical shapes into the galactic debris
Hounds wailing at me
Scream forty livid candles enamoured

The crawling of the willow
The first turnover wonder of the afterglow
The spawning of azaleas

Faithful yawns and potions without
Radical smells as far as I can see
Universally whispering to trees
Another load of bobbing heads and bodies
Like volatile steam

The crawling of the willow
The first turnover wonder of the afterglow
The spawning of azaleas

And reflections in woven eyes
Crystal foxes clawing at the dawn

Sleep in a quasar orchard
Rest your fuzzy head on featherweight infinity

Worship of Adonis Blue
Many trails of pollen dizzying the tubes
Track Name: WEEK 35 - SONG 35 - The Doors of the Cliffs
Come wild heresay
I'm a loner
Fold it up, fold away
When I'm older

If you could free their petty eyes
I don't know if I would
I don't know if I could say "hey!"

Into the blue mould of the cold rain
I don't know what I mean
I don't know what I said before

And all that salt in the semen
It came from soy sauce
Please get me a glass of water

Amoured tanks roll into bedlam
I guess it saves them
I have a gun

Pitfalls absorb the Earth for a while
For a while
Abyss turns inside out for a while
Track Name: WEEK 37 - SONG 37 - Pocket Composting
Pocket Composting

I like to smell new shoes all day
I like cafe au lait and hairspray
My spandex handbag has a leopard print
And I freshen up with bags of mince

A Hamsa shawl and a rugby tackle
Temper temper metro-sexual
Continental breakfast and cancer stick
A real man knows how to suck …

I close my eyes and pretend it's my wife
This tragic drama, this double life

Oh my love you wouldn't understand
The virtues of man

I close my eyes and pretend it's my wife
This tragic drama, this double life

I am a very petty man
I am a very petty man…
Track Name: WEEK 38 - SONG 38 - Employee of the Month
When you walk into the office
Realise you haven't pulled up
Your zip has exposed your modesty

Must be quick to deflect the attention of your coworkers
You look around and beads of sweat are creeping out of your forehead

Don't look down. Don't!

Sneaked a peek now they see…

Tried and failed to make it a dance
Employee of the month: No chance!
Forever a fucking loser
And now indecent exposure

Smile and shrug and shudder in shame
Fight or flight
Window or stairs?

Fire extinguisher, through the 5th floor window.

So sad.

Life is long beyond your own death
Dry your eyes and take a deep breath
Track Name: WEEK 39 - SONG 39 - ANYWAY
When you're young all you need
Is someone to come along
And light a path through the trees

I recall the blackest nights
But sunny seashore days
Sand in shoes, torch in hand

CHORUS: Anyway
Home again, sun or rain
Left to fend for ourselves

In a way
Home alone, made me twice as strong
For the world.

But when the world
Far from here
Teaches you new codes
Teaches you to behave

All I feel is a lack of being prepared
And all the time it would save

CHORUS: Anyway
Home again, sun or rain
Left to fend for ourselves

In a way
Home alone, made me twice as strong
For the world.

Is it hard not to blame?
It's not a bad thing anyway

Trying instead to see the light
To get it right, brighter days

CHORUS: Anyway
Home again, sun or rain
Left to fend for ourselves

In a way
Home alone, made me twice as strong
For the world.
Track Name: WEEK 47 - SONG 47 - IMMERWAHR (feat. Amy & Adam McCausland)
In chemistry these things are very clear to me
I collect these poisons and store them safely
Subservient to his ideals,
Can't he see what will become of these things?

The cloud of smoke advanced like a yellow wall,
You were there when 6000 choked
Nothing slowed you down when my heart tore

In twelve years, your son follows my lead
Suicide in the dark, like a poisonous cloud
Hitler's scientists planted the seed

Or the death of all you know and love
My heart was pierced by your military pistol
Track Name: WEEK 49 - SONG 49 - Parallel Lines (feat. Amidships & MENDER)
Parallel Lines

I took a lot of heat in the passenger seat,
I only had three minutes to speak.
Inhaled a few times, tried to clear the lines,
You know my pulse was at it's peak.

There is a parallel line, that decomposes in time, when it's missing there is a problem.
There is a way that you realise, it's in the eyes, the eyes, the eyes.
It's in the eyes, the eyes, the eyes.

I've only got four seconds, before I fall asleep.
We never really had a chance to weep.
It only took a second to measure the minute.
Then your face began to sleep.

You know a parallel line decomposes in time, when it's missing there is a problem.
There is a way that you realise, it's in the eyes, the eyes, the eyes.
It's in the eyes, the eyes, the eyes.
Cause there's a parallel line that decomposes in time, when it's missing there is a problem.
And there's a way that you realise, it's in the eyes, the eyes, the eyes.
It's in the eyes, the eyes, the eyes.

Because I took a lot of heat in the passenger seat,
I only had three minutes to speak.
I inhaled a few times, trying to clear the lines,
Because my pulse was at it's peak.
Track Name: WEEK 50 - SONG 50 - The Journey of Sturdy Ron Chiclet (feat. Rachel Austin & Conor Barry)
Track Name: WEEK 51 - SONG 51 - The Festive Conversion of Mr. Tinsel (feat. Martin McCullough)

Make the yuletide gay

Bah Humbug I say


You can keep your Christmas farce
And stuffing your hand in a turkey's arse
Brussel sprouts, fairy lights
Mary's boy child, Jesus Christ!!
Cracker jokes, they make me moan
Won't everyone just leave me alone?

What does Father Christmas do when his elves misbehave?
He gives them the sack.

What do you give a dog for Christmas?
A mobile bone.

What’s brown and creeps around the house?
Mince spies.


Hot mince pies and brandy butter
Panic buying, shops a'clutter
Christmas trees and cranberry sauce
Jingle bells, I couldn't give a toss
Fairytale in New York? Not again, I say
Won't this winter wonderland ever go away?

T'was the night before Christmas
And he'd not given an inch
Mr. Tinsel was still complaining,
Like an old grinch

Until a bright light, yon he did see
T'was the fairy Gaybreel atop his Christmas tree


Why you so like, anti-Christmas?
Has Santa never showered you with his sparkly festiveness
When he spread his good will all through the air
Were you never there to receive your share? Don't you care?

Baby Jesus would cry
At the sight of your misery, Oh my!

And with that Gaybreel waved his big wand
All at once Mr. Tinsel found he was quite fond
Of tinsel and pressies and festive cheer
He exclaimed, "Maybe this is my year!"


Oh my goodness! Everyone was right
I have seen the sparkly light
Hark the herald! I lost my way
Maybe the yuletide should be gay